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Edible Drink Toppers. Picture, Logo or Any Design, Customized


12 rounds (2") per sheet.

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Add your photo or image, 100% edible. These Custom Printed Drink Toppers are made of thinnest frosting sheets, which blend into your cocktail or drink for a truly stylish look! Also referred to as Cocktail Toppers, these items are recommended to be placed onto cocktails or drinks that have a layer of foam at the top.

These custom printed drink edible image are gluten free, soy free and trans-fat free, and have virtually no taste other than a little sweetness, thereby not changing the flavor or taste of your cocktail!

NOTE: These toppers are recommended to be used on top of drinks that have a layer of FOAM. As the edible ink prints are water soluble, this means the edible image will dissolve/run if placed directly into or onto a drink that does not have a layer of foam. They should last approximately 5-10 minutes on top of foam (depending on the type and thickness of the foam) before dissolving away into the drink.

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